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Wednesday 2 December 2015

Keratech on «Il Sole 24 Ore»

KeraTech product range includes:



  • standard type KM 230
  • semi-technical type KM 250
  • technical type KM 301 AR
  • hyper technical type KM 306 SH and KM 610 SHD
  • special (KM RR-HTC, KM RR-LTE, VECTOR and RIGATO)

KM RR-HTC is a silicon carbided-based roller for the rapid cooling zone of the kiln.
KM RR-LTE is a roller for the cooling zones of the kiln recommended in case of high Thermal gradient.
Vector is a patented roller capable to align the advancement of the tiles before the firing zone.
Rigato is employed in the production of very large and thin tiles.


N-SiC Products

N-SiC products manufactured by molding and fired in a nitrogen atmosphere. Slabs, cruciforms, saggars, shaped bricks, customizable upon request.


Aluminous Grit

Aluminous grit for refractory and abrasive use.


Nessun prodotto trovato.

Nitride Bonded SiC products

Nessun prodotto trovato.


Nessun prodotto trovato.

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