Keramull KM 306 SH

Friday 31 August 2018

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Keratech on «Il Sole 24 Ore»

Keramull KM 306 SH

Super-technical roller.  High modulus of elasticity and a practically absent vitreous phase.  These are KM 306 SH main features.

The roller is suitable both for the pre-firing and firing zone, for the production of large and heavy tiles.  KM 306 SH guarantees a correct and uniform alignment of the material inside the kiln.

Mineralogical Composition
  • Corundum
  • Mullite
  • Zirconium
Al₂O₃ Content


Bulk Density

2.85 g/cm3

Apparent Porosity


Water Absorption


M.O.E. 20°

> 105 GPa

Thermal Expansion Coefficient

5.1*10-6 K-1

  • Grès decorated with soluble salts
  • Glazed grès porcelain stoneware
  • High weight grès
  • Extruded tiles
  • Tableware


Ideal in operation with high temperatures and heavy loads.


This type of roller can be produced longer than 5000 mm and with double coaxial grinding.

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