KeraTech product range includes:


  • semi-technical type KM 250
  • technical type KM 301 AR
  • super technical type KM 306 SH, KM 25-20 and KM 610 SHD
  • special type KM RL-MU80, KM RR-LTE, VECTOR e RIGATO

KM RR-LTE is a roller for the cooling zones of the kiln recommended in case of high Thermal gradient.
Vector is a roller capable to align the advancement of the tiles before the firing zone.
Rigato is employed in the production of very large and thin tiles.


N-SiC Products

N-SiC products manufactured by molding and fired in a nitrogen atmosphere. Slabs, cruciforms, saggars, shaped bricks, customizable upon request.


Aluminous Grit

Aluminous grit for refractory and abrasive use.