About us

Thanks to well-established experience combined with a continuous improvement KeraTech consolidates in the field of the production of refractory materials for firing ceramic tiles.

The know-how of skilled people created a solid and reliable reality; the continuous technical upgrading combined with the technological innovation allows the company's growth, granting a leading position in the market of refractory materials.




Keratech's production range includes: standard Rollers type KM 230, semi-technical Rollers type KM 250, technical Rollers type KM 300 and KM 301AR,  Hyper-technical Rollers type KM 306 SH and KM 610 SHD, special Products (KM RR/HTC, VECTOR).


Mar 26, 2013

KM 301AR has come to life from the exigency nowadays more and more required in order to offer efficient responses to the problems due to chemical aggression.  KM 301AR is a very versatile roller which can be used in various working conditions in the production of all kinds of tiles...

May 4, 2011
On May 3rd the Meeting Assopiastrelle by the premises of Keratech S.p.A. in Romans d'Isonzo (GO) ended up. "A day rich in events and all attendants showed interest and satisfaction" says Cesare Pegorato, Managing Director at Keratech and goes on "For Keratech yesterday was an important day since it has signed the official introduction of our new production line".

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